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To Wear or Not to Wear - How to Know that You are Wearing a Wrong Bra?

Well, a bra can’t talk.But if only it could talk it would have made you aware that you are doing it wrong and how.No wonder, bra is your best friend.But it can’t help you by telling you that you have chosen the wrong one. Sexy bra online shoppingWhen you are going to shop for lingerie you will see racks after racks bra that will keep on staring at you silently and wait that you will choose the right one.

The salesgirls will come to your rescue, true.But at the end of the day, it will be you who will decide what the right piece is for you.

There is a fine line between kind-of-well-fitted and the perfect fit. When you are going to a store for bra shopping or visiting a store for bra shopping online, you need to know how you will be able to determine the right piece for you.

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The Signs of a Wrong Bra

It Should not Leave any Bruise

Wearing a bra shouldn’t be painful.It will feel effortless to carry the right one.But if the strap is digging in your shoulder and you feel nothing but pain, you have opted for the wrong one.

The under wire shouldn’t pierce your chest or create any bruise.If you find any red mark on your skin after trying a bra, ditch it and opt for the next one.

Wrinkled Cups and Overflowing Boobs

Wrinkled cup are not desirable.When you are wearing a bra with wrinkled cup it will be visible since the thin fabric won’t be able to hide it.It will look bad, big time.When you find a bra with such cup, time to go for the next.bra online shopping

Wearing a bra and feeling like you have four boobs instead of two? That’s a strict no-no.The cup should cover the assets seamlessly.If it makes you feel overflowing, don’t buy that one.The cup size is not right for you.

The Riding up Back Strap

The bra strap should go horizontally in the middle of the back.It should run parallel with the front of the bra.If the back strap is riding higher then it is indicating that the bust is not getting enough support and the boob will be sagging.

When you are buying the bra for yourself make sure that you can breathe freely.Remember if the bra reminds you of its existence, it is not the right bra for you.


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