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Tips to get a proper good night sleep

The importance of a good night sleep

After a long and tiring day, full of activity,the night time is when your body wants complete relaxation.It is the most efficient charger and gets your body and mind ready for the coming day. e1922f5a55151b1752713f30ab01b567A good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of any human daily routine.The current lifestyle has certainly cut short the night sleep hours, however a proper 7 to 8 hours sleep is compulsory for anyone to stay focused and do their work efficiently.

Here is a list of tips which will help you get proper sleep and wake up fresh and recharged in the morning.

How to get a good night’s sleep

  • Turn off the light. The human body is so conditioned that it gets the best sleep when the surrounding is completely dark.Keeping the light on during night not only adds to the electricity bill but also results in poor sleep.
  • Do not have tea or coffee after dinner.Many tea and coffee addicts generally have a cup of tea or coffee after dinner.This is downright harmful for the night’s sleep as the caffeine level increases in the body leading to improper sleeping pattern.In some cases the evening cup of tea or coffee can also cause insomnia.


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  • Adhere to a schedule.The body clock adjusts itself to the schedule one follows.It is better to go to bed at one particular time in the night in order to avoid irregular sleep patterns.Women Sleepwear
  • Avoid a heavy dinner or too much fluid before bed time.Heavy dinner keeps the digestive system active for long and too much fluid can result in going to the toilet a number of times throughout the night.
  • Wear loose clothes.Night dresses should be kept separate and should be comfortable enough.In countries like India,the night dress is not given proper importance.You can easily buy one from online night dress India store and give it a try.

It will make you feel the difference.Ladies can also check out online night dress India stores for casuals as well as lingerie for the bed.




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