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Thongs for Men – All You Need to Know

The sight of a woman clad in bikini and thong is quite common in beaches and admired by everyone.But how about a man in a thong? Doubtful? Now thongs for men are creating a storm in the world of lingerie of men.Exclusive Mens Underwear As many brands of designer lingerie are coming up with this new piece,the demand of these inner wears is increasing.You must be thinking of splurging in a new piece of this designer inner wear.But do you know how to find the right one for you or your partner?

Body and Attitude

First thing first, to sport a thong you need to have a super Greek god like physic.Let’s face it,if you don’t have a model like figure and a superb six pack abs, then these thongs are not meant for you.Having a paunch and yet wearing a thong is never a good idea.

With the perfect figure one needs to have a perfect attitude to pull it off.It is not a regular wear.Since it is quite a daring thing, one needs to be confident and comfortable enough to with too much skin show.


Apart from the right attitude, you need to choose the right material.Thongs are not really a comfortable wear to start with. When you are wearing it for the first time, make sure you slip into a right and comfortable material.

Since it will only cover your bare essential,you need to be extra careful so that the material does not make the whole thing all the more uncomfortable. Comfy Thongs for Men If you have already sported thongs before then you can opt for leather or PVC.But if this is the first time when you are going to wear a thong you can go for nylon and spandex blend.

These materials can be used with everyday wear too.They offer the right support,fit and comfort.


The next big thing in thong shopping is colour.You will be amazed to know how many colours are available in there.

If you are thinking of wearing it on beach then opt for the colour like blue or grey.

If you are thinking of an electrifying effect in night with your partner,then go for black.For a little more kinky effect choose the pieces with shiny pouch.

Style Thongs for Men India Styles vary from the purpose to purpose.If you are looking for a thong to wear in beach, choose the thongs that are with strap.It covers the essential and creates a modest and comfortable look.

If you are thinking of an intimate night with your partner,you can opt for strapless thongs.They provide you with minimal coverage in the front and absolutely no cover on the rear.

The lingerie designers are experimenting with various designs,cuts and styles of the innerwear of men.The demand of thongs for men is increasing in India.

The designers are ready to offer the vast variety to their customers.Make the most of it.

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