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How to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend or Wife?

Buying lingerie for your partner can be really frightening for you.After all, you don’t want to get her something special that doesn’t suit her personality, body type or personal choice.With this critical detail in your mind, it’s vital to find something which is next to perfect. American-Super-Model-Nicci-Pisarri-in-super-hot-LingerieAnd once you know the nitty-gritty about the lingerie, you can surprise your partner effortlessly.However, there are several lingerie stores, online lingerie stores in India that offer various styles, patterns and designs.

And online lingerie shopping is a boon as one can get discreet packaging which is not awkward compared to in store lingerie shopping.

Here is your briefing for buying your girl the greatest lingerie.

Make sure you know her size right. To get the best fit, do your research, check her underwear drawer, check out the labels of the lingerie she already owns.

It’s not about Small, Medium & Large.Do check out the bra cup size and underwear size as well.Size of stockings may vary because stockings come in based on height.       Image Courtesy : www.erepublik.com

Know her personal preferences.For example, your partner loves cute floral prints, or polka dots or even lace, buying her an animal print or leather corset won’t be a good idea.Her style is vital as if you get the wrong one, it can be remain unused.lalige000129a_exotic-lingerie

Be sure to choose fabrics which are loose and flowing, so those can enhance curves but won’t stick to her body. Get lingerie which can enhance and draw attention to her best assets.

Know that dark colored lingerie can provide slimming effects, while light colors can make your girl look more bulky.

The worst thing about lingerie is if that particular piece is not suitable for your girl’s body type.If you get beautiful lingerie in lace or mesh and then you find out that is unsuitable, stuff looking baggy there, things being too tight or too loose, the feeling is worst.Make sure the piece you’re getting that suits her body.          

Image Courtsey : www.lalingerieindia.in
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