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  • Busty Frames No Longer Deter Cravings of a Lingerie Fanatic

    “The best kind of therapy is beach therapy.” True to its verdict,beaches are one of the most eccentric locations that are bound to sweep off both men and women alike off their feet. Seldom will you come across a woman who might enjoy a nocturnal stopover at a sensuous beach. Speaking of this, a swimwear is an indispensable part of your trip to an exotic beach. But wait! Is there something that has been bothering you for long? Are you bothered by those busty curves that you have developed of late? Well in that case, a successful spree on buying lingerie online is all that you need to bail you out of your anxiety.

    Lingerie India

    With online lingerie creating a stupendous hype in the market, you have an opportunity to lay your hands on almost any kind of sensuous undies that you would like to pamper yourself with. However, a slender frame is something that is desired by all women when you think of adorning that titillating piece of attire. Catering to the needs of women with robust figures, here are a few things that need to be taken consideration when you are out buying lingerie or when you decide to buy swimwear online: Continue reading

  • The Dawn of Pyjamas in the Realm of Lingerie

    Comfort in its most refined form is what is obtained from a pair of pyjamas back at your closet. Every soul does enjoy the highest level of comfort in their rendezvous with their dreams. The ultimate happiness is experienced, when you shake off that last piece of tight fitting cloth clinging on to your body and wriggle into those incredibly comfortable nightwear. Alike women, men’s nightwear have substantially witnessed a great transformation in the recent years that has not just benefited the sales, but has given men an equal opportunity to get comfortable in their skin.

    Men’s Nightwear

    The history of the present pyjamas

    Alike many other accessories, the apparel pyjama traces its roots to the Asian continent right up to the subcontinent of India, where men wore them in form of a drawstring pants that were tired in the region around the waist. Gradually it is was the Europeans who brought about a transformation in them by the adding on pockets to their sides. Continue reading

  • Robust Curves to Add On To the Sensual Heat

    Hot are sexy boobs are desired by every women. But as they say, everything has a price.  However, the price in this case is not something that you would have to give up. In fact, it is the way you carry yourself that help you get those alluring racks and booties all at the same time.  Sexy lingerie are an essential that every woman must have back at her wardrobe.


    If you are one of a kind who likes a bit of her cleavage being accentuated, I do have some good news for you here. Apart from the lingerie that you wear, you can also cater to clothes like a deep V beck one that will help you enhance your cleavage, without appearing to be off the handle or way too revealing. This is the trick of selecting the right kind of clothes and lingerie as per the requirements of your body. Continue reading

  • The Wonder of Enhancing the Inner Beauty with Push up Bras

    Adding a push up bra to your wardrobe is something not less than an asset. Push up bra completes a woman, who always prefer to be appreciated with all her assets. A sexy push up bra will always enhance your cleavage and will give a great look under your much-loved dress.

    Lingerie India

    A push up bra boosts and supports one’s bust that gives a sexy and feminine cleavage. Your breasts may look larger with this kind of bra. Push up Bra is a very popular select for the women with smaller bust sizes. It is great for those women who want larger looking breast cup sizes and want to lift and give support to get a round shape and attractive cleavage. Continue reading

  • All That You Need To Know About Garters

    Lingerie, being one of the most sensuous forms of women attire, has remained unparalleled when it comes to the extensive variation that you get to avail among the lot. The recent market has extensive types of lingerie at display for ardent lingerie loves in the recent years. While speaking of lingerie, we come across an amalgamation of a number of other accessories that make up the lingerie.

    Garters form an integral part of the lingerie composition. They are equivalent to a support structure that is created for the entire apparel. However, they are not a necessity for every lingerie. If you take a closer look at the recent lingerie collection, you get to see that they are primarily restricted to the wedding collections and exotic bedroom collections.

    nightgowns online

    Given the fact that garters are now just restricted to being a means to enhance the fashion quotient, people have side-lined the actual purpose for which they were used in the earlier times. Continue reading

  • The Never Ending Debate Over Kind of Bras Teenagers Wear

    Whether or not teenagers have an appropriate time to wear a bra has been a sensitive issue and a much debated topic for quite some time now. But what parents or other individuals fail to understand is that the question should be what kind of bras should teenagers actually wear? As a parent when you see that your teenage daughter buy lingerie after a certain point of time, try and ensure the fact that you highlight the necessity of choosing the right kind of lingerie to your daughter rather than concentrating solely on the style quotient.

    la-lingeria_220916 Continue reading
  • Is Buying Lingerie Online Actually A Wise Decision?

    Secrecy is actually the term that strikes your mind when you think of online shopping. Surprisingly, secrecy is the term when you think of purchasing a lingerie too. When you speak of lingerie online, you will seldom come across a woman who does not harbour fantasies of acquiring a closet decked with some of the most sexually exciting inner wear in hand. Yes, there is no denying the fact that those amazingly sensuous curves and attributes of your body does require the best of pampering at all times.


    Owing to the massive increase in the popularity of lingerie among the female masses, the fashion market has seen the advent of a number of outlets that let you avail the attire of your dreams. However, it has been noticed that online stores and web portals that offer exotic lingerie has witnessed an amazing hike in their sales in the recent times. The question that arises is why is it beneficial to purchase lingerie online? Continue reading

  • Great Curves Call For Sensuous Augmentation through Hot Lingerie

    Sexuality redefined is what you feel when you a wardrobe beaming with an eccentric range of sensuous lingerie. The right kind of sexy lingerie, is essentially a combination of great quality along with an upbeat style quotient. What better way to get those well-toned booties flaunted than a pair of intensely fashioned thongs?


    The first point to be taken into consideration while buying a lingerie is your body type and its other attributes. If you are one with considerably bigger racks, choose as per the type. Speaking of sensuality, French women are famous across the globe for their unparalleled levels of sex appeal. The prime reason behind this is the fact that they never underestimate the significance of a sexually appealing lingerie. Continue reading

  • Bra Mistakes that You are committing throughout Your Life

    While you are going to buy a bra it becomes quite a task for you to choose the right one for you.Research says that almost 80% women choose the wrong bra size.When you are drooling over a beautiful and sought after lingerie you probably making a huge mistake while buying it.When you are going to buy a bra make sure that you end up buying the right piece.

    -font-b-Adriana-b-font-font-b-Lima-b-font-Hot-Boobs-Sexy-Bra-ModelHere are a few tell-a-tale signs that can help you to detect what mistakes you are making with your bra.

    Does the Band ride Up?

    Does the band of your bra rides up on your back? It is the most apparent signal that makes you understand what is going wrong inside. It is high time for you to understand that your bra does not fit you well.Opt for a bra that is a size bigger than the bra you are wearing.The band should be in horizontal line with your waist.

    &nbsp &nbsp Image Courtesy : stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

    Is the Straps are cutting down on your Skin?

    If the strap of your bra are cutting down on your shoulders and making the whole biding affair quite painful it is surely a wrong bra you are wearing.Probably the strap of your bra is failing to give you right support.Opt for wide straps that will make it comfortable for you.lalige001079a_bras

    Spillage means you have got Bigger Boobs?

    No darling.It means that you are wearing a wrong cup size.The right cup will keep your boobs from spillage and wrinkle.The cup should not cause any spillage and wrinkle.Rather your boobs should fit those cups properly.

    Is the Under Wire Poking You?

    If the under wire of your bra is poking your skin then it is the smaller cup you are wearing. Under wire are supposed to give you the proper support and lift.It should not cause any pain.Remember, the smaller cup size does not make you look slimmer. Buy the right bra and look out for the signs that can make you understand whether you are wearing a wrong one.

    Image Courtsey : www.lalingerieindia.in
  • Be a Female Fatale with the Right Lingerie for an Outfit

    What are you wearing underneath your clothes? If you are a woman who deals with the human race every day, and even if you never see the daylight, what you wear beneath your garments matters.It is significant to find the perfect bra; it can make a massive difference in how your dresses fit and how you experience in them. FLEFT969_duskygrey_VM4Particular types of bras, however, function better with particular dresses/tops.Here is an interesting listing of the most excellent bras for different types of clothing.

    Try them according to your personality, fashion statement, body shape, and necessity.

    Balconette Bra:

    Femininity can be showcased at its best with a Balconette Bra.This is perfect for low cut dresses, deep necklines.Balconette bra is designed in such a way that it can provide some additional lift without showing the cut.               Image Courtesy : www.journelle.com

    Bandeau Bra:

    Great for small-busted women, as this bra does not offer a great support.A bandeau bra is perfect for off shoulder tops, halter-tops, and strappy tops.Often a bandeau bra comes in soft fabrics and additional decoration. Therefore, if someone catches a glance of it, it does not look odd.lalige000876a_bras

    Push-up Bra:

    If your outfit is low cut and you want to show some of your assets, opt for pushup bras. Push up bra plays a great role to uplift your breasts and creates a fantastic cleavage.

    Often comes with soft padding, fancy design & cuts, a push up bra is a staple piece.Strapless push-up bras can also be paired with such dresses or tops that do not have regular straps.

    Contour Bra:

    If you prefer body hugging tops, fitted or bodycon dresses, then you cannot miss contour bra.Contour bra is designed in such a way that the cups are perfectly structured, and does not provide unnecessary lift to your cleavage.It provides an even, rounded look to your breasts, and you can be comfortable throughout the day.After all, happiness is comfortable lingerie!

    Image Courtsey : www.lalingerieindia.in

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